Negative Assertion

Residency - Final presentation

Nancy Woods is an artist in residence at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik where she has been developing new works based on American self-help and pop psychological instructions for personal development. She focuses primarily on the resulting effects of these practices along with marketing strategies on both real and constructed identities. Paper collage and digitally fractured imagery reconstruct a portrayal of what it is to improve oneself. In the past three months Nancy has worked closely with numerous life coaches in Berlin who developed exercises and assignments for Nancy which eventually inspired and became much of the material in the videos.###

Nancy is also an avid collector of heavily marked used self-help books which she considers archaeological records of prior owners attempts at self-development. If you would like to contribute to this collection/project, please send books to
Nancy S. Woods, 75 Stewart Ave., #424, Brooklyn, NY 11237.

In her final exhibition at ZKU, "Negative Assertion", Nancy will present video works, drawings and a live performance featuring the collaborative art group Nightmare City (http://nightmarecity.org/). Please join us on Thursday, November 15th at 8pm for the performance, and an artist talk at 9. The exhibition will be in Studio #3 and it will be up until Thursday, November 22nd.

(Image text) "Negative Assertion" video still from "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty", 2012, 3min, 50 sec.