MORE WORLD // Berliner Gazette’s 20th Anniversary Conference

(c) Mario Sixtus, CC BY 2.0

International Conference: How can we cooperate across borders to tackle climate change?

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

MORE WORLD Berliner Gazette’s 20th Anniversary Conference 2019

International Conference: How can we cooperate across borders to tackle climate change? / October 10-12

While climate change seems to be intangible, nowhere and everywhere at the same time, it is entangled with everything and everyone. Against this backdrop, the Berliner Gazette’s 20th anniversary initiative MORE WORLD stimulates a critical dialogue. The goal is to better understand and grasp the causes of climate change through entanglements of ecosystems with communal, state and global structures – and ultimately to explore possibilities to tackle climate change from within such interconnections: If not only the devastations of climate change arise from a planetary web of interdependencies, but potentially also capacities to collectively counter global warming, then how can we progress from passive entanglement to active entanglement? Meaning, how can we progress from the everything and everyone is connected con­dition as one which tends to paralyze us to a state of interconnectedness that enables new forms of cross-border cooperation? And how can we cultivate cooperative practices for the interplay between communal, state and global approaches adapting to climate change? To explore this, the Berliner Gazette will organize the 20th edition of its annual conference: a three-day program with workshops, performances and public talks.


Public Talks

The public talks program includes keynotes by the scientist Sujatha Byravan (India), whose pioneering research explores the politics of climate refugees, the political geographer and radio maker Anja Kanngieser (Australia), whose work on imperiled Pacific islands urges us to cooperate on the frontlines of climate change, the Fridays For Future activist Clara Mayer(Germany), who dares to confront the corporate and political elites with the uncomfortable truths of climate change, the poet and philosopher Sudesh Mishra (Fiji), who mobilizes indigenous cosmologies as sources of inspiration vis-à-vis environmental havoc, the journalist and technology expert Marta Peirano (Spain), whose new book explores how to tackle climate change with communal technologies, and the activist and writerHarsha Walia(Canada), whose work on migration intersects with climate justice struggles.


Performances + Gala

In a special performance, the art collective The University of the Phoenix (Canada) will be offering participants an opportunity to join “The Order of the Immortal Stranger”: a global secret society for interspecies cooperation. The artist Xin Xin (USA/Taiwan) will be presenting “Plant Ensemble”, a performance that uses biofeedback in plants to synthesize sound. The poet Falko Hennig (Germany) will be leading two psychogeographic city walks, exploring cooperative initiatives that tackle climate change. At the conference the Berliner Gazette celebrates its 20th anniversary with a Gala. The choreographer and dancer Pepe Dayaw(Philippines) will be staging a cooking performance, cooperatively creating a sari-sari plate: ‘sari-sari’ means many things in one in Tagalog. Artist and researcher Kat Austen (UK) will perform a multimedia symphony based on her residency at the North Pole.