MORE WORLD // Berliner Gazette’s 20th Anniversary Conference

(c) Mario Sixtus, CC BY 2.0

Fight Climate Change! Call for workshop registration.

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

While climate change seems to be intangible, nowhere and everywhere at the same time, it is entangled with everything and everyone. Against this backdrop, the Berliner Gazette’s 20th anniversary initiative MORE WORLD stimulates a critical dialogue. The goal is to better understand and grasp the causes of climate change through entanglements of ecosystems with communal, state and global structures – and ultimately to explore possibilities to tackle climate change from within such interconnections: If not only the devastations of climate change arise from a planetary web of interdependencies, but potentially also capacities to collectively counter global warming, then how can we progress from passive entanglement to active entanglement? Meaning, how can we progress from the everything-and-everyone-is-connected-condition as one which tends to paralyze us to a state of interconnectedness that enables new forms of cross-border cooperation? And how can we cultivate cooperative practices for the interplay between communal, state and global approaches adapting to climate change? To explore this, the Berliner Gazette will organize the 20th edition of its annual conference: a three-day program with workshops, performances and public talks.

You can register for one of the five workshops now. The workshop tracks are: Eco-Data, Counter/Knowledge, Justice, Lifestyles and Resources. Deadline: September 1st. Details on the workshop and registration please find on the project website: https://more-world.berlinergazette.de