Klangfest Hier!

a collaboration between Martin Julien, Heather Nicol and YOU!

A performance event for people ages 9 to 90. Free entrance!

A unique interactive performance that puts the audience at the centre of a choral adventure. Join us to sing - and to listen - for an invigorating theatrical experience about choirs and community… right here and right now.

Resident artist Heather Nicol’s work at ZK/U is focused on the exigencies of listening and vocalizing as integral aspects of communication. Active listening bridges self and other, and makes fluid the divisions between the singular and the plural. Conversely, we share the sounds of our voices for connection and communication. Collaborating with her visiting partner Martin Julien, Klangfest Hier! is an interdisciplinary experiment that welcomes all audience to engage in a playful community encounter with sound. It will be inclusive, gentle and improvisational. Soup will be served to all! Nicol and Julien are based in Toronto.

Featuring Kati Yahoual, vocal conductor, and Steve R. Lukanky, tuba. Presented by ZK/U (Berlin) and Nightswimming (Toronto).

Klangfest Hier! is inspired by Why We Are Here! created in Canada by Martin Julien and Brian Quirt for Nightswimming: www.whywearehere.org

Info: www.heathernicol.comheather.nicol(at)gmail.com

Light refreshments will be provided !