Kiosk 67 - Listening the Kiez of Moabit

Sound Performances and Soundwalks, 30.08, 13.09, 20.09.2013

30.08.2013 at 15h
13.09.2013 at 15h
20.09.2013 at 17h

Meeting point: red Kiosk facing ZK/U

In Listening the Kiez of Moabit, a special kind of urban perception through the  auditory sense will be activated. With sound performances, soundwalks and sound mapping, the city park of Moabit together with the  building of the former freight depot (now the Center for Art and Urbanistics) becomes a listening station. The activities at this place can be heard over large distaces and are forming huge sound-figures that are distinctive for the location. Three sound performances will place these Auditory Landmarks of the area in a new context.

Further information: http://kiezhoerenmoabit.wordpress.com