Ki Hyun Park - Tutorials for Beginners: Body and Institution

Instagram takeover on 17 May 2020


We will presuppose ‘an institution as a body’ and 'a body as an institution' and the embodied racism, sexism, patriarchy and classism as sicknesses of this social organism. While following diverse tutorials such as home workout videos, makeup over and meditation, etc., we will finally be able to explore different strategies to cure our bodies together.

I am a #female #artist and #POC #worker in an #ArtInstitution called #ZKU. And there is no #Racism #Sexism #Patriarchy and #Classism in our institution. It seems like they don’t exist, because we rarely talk about it. Maybe we are too busy with our #PrecariousLabour, maybe we are #TooWhite, maybe we decided to #Ignore them actively, or maybe they become part of our body.

This residency is made possible due to the funding by Magic Carpets and Creative Europe.