K67 kiosk

From 24.01.2013 on.

K67-Kiosk is a parasite structure attached to ZK/U, forming an interface between ZKU as new cultural player and freshly designed but still underused public park. 

It provides residency artists’ communication tools to present work to wider, non-artistic audience and test own projects in earlier phases. 

As a digital archive, it records local sounds, offers access to local intranet and invite for social experiments and innovations.

In cooperation with IRS (Leibniz Institut für Regionalentwicklung und Strukturplannung –Erkner) and their research project: Urban Spatial Pioneers Between the Poles of ‘Bottom-Up’ and ‘Top-Down’ (case study Moabit), K67-kiosk will test communicative construction of space around ZK/U, playing with the format of Radio.