Honey picnic at ZK/U

Moabienen Mitimkern on the Terrace

The apiary at ZK/U hosts a honey picnic where the ZK/U honey harvest 2013 can be tasted: A late summer get-together in the park. In case of rain the ZK/U terrace will be used as a sheltered picnic spot.—We'll be joyfully handing out honey sandwiches for free, thanks to a bread-for-honey exchange with bakeries from the Kiez!

Honey sandwiches: free
Picnic blankets: provided

The apiary on the container in front of ZK/U has existed for a year now. In the Moabienen Mitimkern group everyone can participate in beekeeping. For further information visit http://moabienen.berlin-bienenstadt.de and join us at the picnick.

This is the launch of a series of honey picnics based on local food exchange! What is one glass of Moabienen Honey worth? The ZK/U beekeepers are taking their honey harvest to the neighbourhood to explore the fair value of goods: Honey is compared to apples and oranges, „exchange rates“ are negotiated—and local barter partnerships are formed.

Many thanks to our first bread-for-honey exchange partner, Natur & More, a wholefood shop on the corner of Wiclefstraße / Oldenburger Straße!

A project of Kunst Werk Stadt Berlin in cooperation with the ZK/U.
The project is supported by Quartiersmanagement Moabit West (Beusselstraße).