Heizraum Concert Series 9

Live Experimental + DJ

The 9. Heizraum is arriving in the basement of ZK/U, with a great variety of musicians, performers and activists!

Next to Andrea Neumann, specialized in inside piano, the istanbul based artist Serhat Koksal will mess up with Orient stereotypes, Emilia Kurylowicz will perform electric poems and we can listen to a full radio essay addressing urban wastelands and its politics. 

Be part of this great summer night! 

Entrance : 5€


- Alex Head, Live Radio Essay "DOGGED LANDS" (live Radio Essay)
- Andrea Neumann, "Solo 'Letraton 9" (Innenklavier, Mixer)
- Emilia Kuryłowicz (performative Lesung)
- 2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal und Zeynep Sarıkartal, with "Golden New Age Pipelines '' (audiovisual performance)
- Nuno da Luz  "with assisted resonance" (field recordings)
- Horst Matrix (K383) (electronic dance music)
- "Exchange" Raegan Truax (performative Installation)

About the artists:

Alex Head, Live Radio Essay "DOGGED LANDS"

Artist Alex Head will perform a ten minute radio essay over the space of an hour. The piece documents a process of European-wide research and artistic intervention into the contested territory of two urban wastelands in Berlin/Amsterdam. Using a blend of interview, experimental music and narration (Head plays the voice of the often critical Wasteland itself), the essay pursues a series of entangled threads stemming from artistic research, squatter culture and activism as they weave together to form a textured audioscape. 


Andrea Neumann, "Solo 'Letraton 9" (inside piano)

Has specialized in inside piano since 1996. As a composer and performer in both solo and ensemble constellations (Les Femmes Savantes, Phosphor, Splitter Orchester), she has been a principle player in the development of Berlin’s ‘Echtzeitmusik’ scene.

Emilia Kuryłowicz (performative reading)

Emilia Kuryłowicz is an artist and music video director. Working with cultural detritus, modern myths, digging internet for mysterious digital artefacts, she teases the human potential of meaning. The performance she prepared for the Heizraum Series is a result of her recent shift into writing and will include remixed poetry, visuals and sound.


2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal and Zeynep Sarıkartal, with "Golden New Age Pipelines '' (audiovisual performance)

The output of the Istanbul-based multimedia artist Serhat Köksal aka 2/5BZ  works  with various releases in  tapes, video and music collages, cut-ups, posters, stickers, photocopy zines and literary formats,..since 1986 Against the backdrop of this tremendous flood of trashy imagery, in his audio-visual live performances Köksal addresses cultural stereotypes about the Orient and the Occident and their repercussions in economic and political contexts.Lives and works in Istanbul. In his audiovisual performances he has focused Golden New Age scientific discoveries, hardcore ultra modernism’s new strategies of future developments and their effects on the economic and political situation of individuals, new security measures and the indisputable acceptance of volunteering triggered by these circumstances & working on some topics such as : “New Age Toolerance Imperialism ”, “ Cultural Pipeline Dialogue ”, “ DNA Fascisim ”,“Avatar Liberalism” in “Palaverel” and Parallel Universes as well as “Gezilla NOttoman Revolt”.






Nuno da Luz  "with assisted resonance" (field recordings)

Nuno da Luz (1984, Lisboa) is an artist and publisher. His work circumscribes both aural and visual in the form of sound events, installations and printed matter, mostly distributed through ATLAS Projectos and Palmario Recordings. For this event, field recordings that usually provide the basis for installation work will be played back together "with assisted resonance", from percussion instruments and feedback loops. Tone-of-place, experienced, heard through skin, detected by unnamed sensibilities, and impression carried-in through skin even when not in the physical place. Tone around you and with you. “I don't like your tone”. “I like your tone”. “I like the tone of this place”.


Horst Matrix (K383)

"Horst Matrix the disc jockey plays digital files containing acoustic signals, mostly in the form of electronic dance music.“