Heizraum Concert Series 3

Experimental Music

Our next monthly "Experimental Music Event" will go on with the following artists:

>> Bands: Ghuna X // Sara Pereira // Schrein // Mistkram

>> DJs: DJ Hermannplatz // DJ Sculet

(details bellow)

5€ Entrance


Ghuna X

Ghuna x's work is the result of the analog and concrète sounds lied together on a multiform and spectral ambient, possible through the computer interface. Dirty squared voices mix with either fast jungle beats or slow and swinged triplets. All the more, the use of old drum machines and the acoustic percussions provide an interesting and unique mix, and the feeling for a non-conventional and freeform music.
In the last years Ghuna X was responsible for the composing of several soundtracks for theatre, film and more recently, television. He's the co-founder of the diy label Marvellous Tone and the Oporto beats'collective Faca Monstro.



Sara Pereira

Emerge Submerge is a travel across memory and present, daydream and awareness.  Digital synths, glitches, concrete sounds, textures, combined with surreal drawings communicate about trespassing layers, affecting territories, connecting internal body fluxes to external environment.
Sara Pereira has been working with sound and drawing, recently performing the series "Overview". Previously developed the sound-art-project Gentileza with Catarina Miranda, performed with artist-producer What and the artist group DFS and developed transdisciplinary work with Piso collective.

more info at paradoxical construction blog


A shrine is considered to be a home to divine beings, and this Schrein is indeed a hideout for the outrageous trinity of Ruth-Maria Adam, Ronnie Oliveras and Bastian Hagedorn. They joined forces and collected all sorts of mundane objects, self-built and cheap instruments to make a joyful noise! The purpose is to revive neglected musical avant-garde traditions of times past for a bright future to come! In order to FREE THE MUSIC AND KEEP IT ALIVE nothing is sacred and everything's possible! SCHREIN: a sonic utopia for the brave and young at heart!



Mistkram is a temporary conversation between three guitars that got untuned by the shaking of low-cost airplanes, the mold of moisty basements and the sweat of nervous fingers. Mistkram is a vain attempt to tune these guitars back by diving them into their own debilities. The wanna-be tuners are Fosse, Preshivers and Solcina.




DJ Hermannplatz

DJ Hermannplatz, aka Zoë Claire Miller, plays eclectic music with an emphasis on girl groups, synthie & fuzzy guitar, evil lyrics and international flair. From resentful German Schlagersongs to ecstatic Cambodian Beat cover bands, homo-erotic NDW and '80s pathos-pop, sounds characterized by a maritime slant, recreational acid use as well as other stimuli.


DJ Sculet

'In the cut'