Communication Market

Under the absurdness of sharing-culture we will explore diverse languages and barriers which sometimes lead to miscommunication. Non-verbal communication meets illegal radio-waves, SMS-language rides on old typing machine, spam will be turn into value.

We would like to Re-communicate: miscommunications inside the park, blurred field between conversation and communication and generational/cultural/lifestyle gaps.

On the market:
• Rent a flee-market stand and trash your favourite junk – apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pfrZXOQeMRstWYkT3GH5FHyOtMCsmUK7NtQnNIP1J_M/viewform
• You would like to offer a workshop and share your skills on the market... write us an E-mail: [email protected]
• Kids, exchange you toys on blankets in the park!
• Learn profi-skills in the Bouleparkour - Bouledozer e.V / http://boule-ist-cool.tumblr.com/
• Tasty Food
• Repair your instruments and electrical appliances. Help will be offered by the pianosoph

Apply now to be part of the next Gütermarkt#7. 

Application Deadline is the 21 June 2015.