Gütermarkt #5


Hello I-Like clicker and friends of the 31 may, the past Gütermarkt left traces, therefore Gütermarkt#5 dedicates itself to the field of forensics, the investigation of hidden treasures and lost stories of you objects, from an ashtray of the Stasi, the pocket watch of the revolutionary grand mommy till the treasure map to the fountain of youth. The simple bottle opener and our Güterbahnhof are more then only a functional objects and carry covered moments and memories of cultural history in it. Describe your story of things which you sell and become part of the Gütermarktgeschichte. The passage of time manifests itself in very different ways, and digests more then tasty barbecues, empanadas, arepas and waffles.

Are you curious to see the Gütermarkt through the magnifying glass? You’ll find more information and the Application form here. We are looking forward to your interpretation to your forensic stories.

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