Image (c) Songgot, ZK/U 2019 Drawings (c) Lucy Szych, ZK/U 2019


ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

/////////////////////////////////// GÜTERMARKT #40 ///////////////////////////////////

Dear Güter-friends,

We want to tell you a secret as this will be the 40th edition of Gütermarkt.

For us – as Gütermarkt team – organizing Gütermarkt has numerous meanings:
Creating a platform where Moabiters can meet each other, find alternative ways of knowledge transfer, co-create with the neighbourhood and support creative people and initiatives. We expect a natural clash among people from differnt corners at Gütermarkt.

It's the community, the people, the different creations, a family, a market, a 'give and take' for us... but what is Gütermarkt for you?

If you make handicrafts, DIY-creations, up-cycle and give a second life to materials, if you are an artist or collector or if you just want to pass by: This is the right place to be for everyone!

Your Güter-team



Ideas Yard Market / Güterverkehr ist Teil von Shared Cities: Creative Momentum und wird co-finanziert durch das Creative Europe Programm der Europäischen Union. #ideayardmarket#sharedcities#sccm2020