Gütermarkt #26

The Gütermarkt is a hybrid market in which crafts, "Do It Yourself" and the usual flea market merge with one another in order to search for new socio-economic development models of the local neighborhood.

MAKERS at Gütermarkt #26

∆ Flohmarkt-Trödel 
∆ Berliner Fahrradmarkt
∆ Pencake
∆ Pogimanufaktur Berlin
∆ Mimitos
∆ Kikuri Massage
∆ Good Food by Stadtfrauenküche and our famous Latinos Elvecia & Boris
∆ Electronic Repair Service
∆ Boule tournament at Boulodrom
∆ Live music 
...and much more!


...coming soon...

Webpage: http://www.guetermarkt.de/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/469539736763925/

Upcoming Gütermarkt: 01.10.2017