Fête de la Nuit

"The Wreckheads" + "Sticky Girls and Stupid Tables" + SCULET playing for Fete de la Musique

On the longest of the summer days, right after Germany plays against Ghana, the party continues at ZK/U with a Concert Series as part of Fête de la Musique. 


11pm: The Wreckheads (Alt-Country-Blues)
12am: Sticky Girls & Stupid Tables (Blues-Rock-Funk)
1am: DJ Set

Entrance: Free

The Wreckheads

Backbeat-grooving grungy-blues alt-country ho-down jam-madness.

Sticky Girls and Stupid Tables

The still recent project started in 2012 in Berlin. Rustic Blues, Funk and soul, coupled with stories about derelicts bar à la Tom Waits greatly influence their music.

Vocals - Tim Budde
Gitar - Christoph Margraf
Bass - Matthias Renneke
Drums - Nicolas Borlando


"Weird, unpredictable, slightly facetious urban mixes with sweeping, apolitical undertones, hip hop electro etc."