Cafe Achteck

Opening 15th of March

16 - 25 March 2018

From March 16 to 25, 2018, the exhibition "Hacking Urban Furniture" will take place at the ZK/ U - Center for Art and Urbanistics. The exhibition is part of an ongoing research project of several years with the same name which explores the history, present and future of urban furniture. The exhibition is founded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

We are happy to announce the artists and artist collectives participating in the “Hacking Urban Furniture” exhibition: Markus Ambach, Christian Hasucha, Umschichten, Raumlabor and KUNSTrePUBLIK.

The projects were created in cooperation with AbBA (Allianz bedrohter Berliner Atelierhäuser), Refunc, OpenBerlin and Technische Hochschule Wildau.

The winners of the ideas competition for new concepts of street furniture will also be exhibited:
Fiete Rhode & Team: KIEZding, Benoit Maubrey: Arena: a Speakers Sculpture, Andreas Templin: Berlin Dough, Adam Page and Eva Hertzsch: Executive Box. Adam Page and Eva Hertzsch will show their work at the outdoor space of ZK/U until October.

Our Guests are the Initiative Berlin Werbefrei together with guest contributors from Sao Paulo and Grenoble, both cities without advertising in the urban space, Martin Binder with his diploma work Safe&Urban as well as Fred Dewey who will present the reading group "Portable Polis".

Additionally, we would like to introduce the participants of the scientific research group with their first results: Laura Sobral, Benjamin Cope, Mary Dellenbaugh, Surfatial, Jan Bovelet, Joanne Pouzenc, Mobasher Niqui, Alireza Labeshka and Ali Reza Hemmat Boland.

Opening hours exhibition:
Daily from 12 - 8 p.m.
Free entrance.

Accompanying Programme "Hacking Urban Furniture"


15 March 2018

Opening of the Exhibition “Hacking Urban Furniture” at ZK/U- Center for Art and Urbanistics.

19:00 // Opening and Barbecuing with ‘Happy Plurality’ (project by Raumlabor)

20:00 // Welcoming Speech and Guided Tour with artists and other participants of the Exhibition


Happy Plurality

with Markus Bader (Raumlabor)

18 March


Meeting Point: ZK/U

Happy Plurality is a project initiated by the collective Raumlabor, based in Berlin. Bollards are converted into a BBQ. In the workshop the participants will learn more about the idea of the installation and will get to know the bollards in praxis at Bremer Str. / Corner Birkenstraße. The workshop starts at ZK/U where the idea of the project is documented in form of drawings and sketches.  

HUF- Curatorial Tour

with Harry Sachs and Miodrag Kuc (ZK/U)

18 March 2018


Meeting Point: Bremer Str. / Corner Birkenstraße

Both curators Harry Sachs and Miodrag Kuc (ZK/U) will give a guided tour all around the exhibition and give an overview of the projects of the participating artists, researchers and winners of the idea competition. Join in, gain information and discuss what you see and hear. The tour will start parallel to the Happy Plurality-Workshop initiated by Markus Bader (Raumlabor) at Bremer Str./ Corner Birkenstraße.


Event “Open meeting about the ZK/U park and a call for ideas to use V.I.P. Box”

18 March 2018


with Special Guests, u.a. Respekt Berlin


The artwork V.I.P. Box is concerned with the appropriation of public spaces by their users. Its long-term installation in the small park surrounding ZKU seeks to initiate a dialogue about ownership, privilege and socially just cities between local people who use the park and artists who use the ZK/U building.

The artwork will form a sub-architecture of the park and of ZKU. Ideas about how it will be used - and by whom - will be developed and implemented during a collaboration between Page & Hertzsch, ZK/U, Karame youth club and park users.


Workshop Fix (Your) Park

with Laura Sobral, Konrad Braun and Miodrag Kuc

18 March 2018


Bremer/ Birkenstraße

‘Fix (your) Park’ Workshop is a continuation of the project initiated by artist Markus Ambach in collaboration with ZK/U and the neighbours. After initial participatory process and

first urban furniture prototypes, workshop goal is to open variety of scenarios for use, maintenance and design of the tiny park at the corner of Bremer/Birken Str.


OPENHAUS & Hacking Urban Furniture

22 March 2018




Open Consultation at Neu-Ordnungsamt

organized by Konrad Braun (Open Berlin)

22 March 2018 

from 19:00



Performance Lecture Safe&Urban

with Martin Binder (UdK)

22 March 2018 

from 19:00


The fictive urban furniture supplier ‘Safe&Urban’ presents their city-safe products to the public. The Safe&Urban portfolio includes 26 objects structured in 12 product categories. In connection to the presentation, an employee will be available for questions and direct orders. Let yourself be convinced of the products – for example, the ‘Christian waiting room’ or the ‘birth chair’, designed for urban use.


Performance "We, Body of The People"

by Lindsey Drury, Luis Krummenacher and Joel Verwimp

22. März



With our bodies we will address the question as to what use these objects in the exhibition might serve. We will consider the possible states of body that might inform use. Take, for example, the ZKU-toilet-extension. Imagine a body that needs to defecate but cannot because another body is already so doing. While waiting, this person visits the artspace presented within the toilet extension. Image looking at artworks while in a state of severe embodied need. Such experiences as these are what urban hacking offers to a future urbanity. We shall, through our performing bodies, consider them.

To do so, we will work with our voices. That is, in the end, the most powerful tool of any ‘citizen.’ We will give voice to the relation between the street furniture and those who use it. In other words, to evince the functional expansion of street furniture with our voices, we will overlay the core questions of the 'ZKU-toilet'-extension with a poetic soundscape that answers to its use.

Our performance will reflect the presentation of city furniture, exemplifying it within our understanding of bodily experience. Through our voices we will process anecdotes of bodily need in relation to our theoretical writings within our work When is a House?, relating needs and theories with the objects in the exhibition through the expressive voice. The 15 minute performance will draw from text fragments and sound repetitions, seeking toward in a reductionist reading that seeks to filter itself into a single statement that rests on the border between theory and the need to defecate.


Film screening by Berlin Werbefrei

22 March 2018



Which impact does outdoor advertising have on urban, public space? Various films from São Paulo, Grenoble and Berlin take a closer look on the consequences of outdoor advertising and its interdiction on citizen and city.

  • Introduction to the subject by ‘Berlin Werbefrei’

  • ‘Bäume statt Werbetafeln’ (2017), 15 min., Carsten Joost

  • ‘Werbeverbot in São Paulo’ (2018), 15 min., summary by Berlin Werbefrei

  • ‘Visual Pollution’ (2017), 3 min., Project MPA Graphic Design, California

  • ‘Werbung nervt. Jeden.’ (2017), 2 min., Berlin Werbefrei

  • ‘Berlin Werbefrei’ (2018), 2 min., Berlin Werbefrei

  • ‘NO-AD Day’ (2015), 4 min., Vermibus noadday.org

  • ‘Werbefreies Berlin’ (2018), 5min., Stilbruch RBB

  • ‘Volksentscheid berlin Werbefrei beginnt’ (2018), 3 min., zibb RBB

Round Table

23 March 2018



Discussion and Outlook with representatives from the world of politics, urban planning and administrations.


Katalin Gennburg, MdA (Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin); Florian Schmidt (Baustadtrat Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), Dr. Martin Schwegmann (Atelierbeauftragter, bbk Berlin), Ute Müller-Tischler/ Judith Laub (Department Art and Culture District Department Mitte - requested), N.N., Parks Department Berlin (requested). Additional, all participating artists of the exhibition will be there, too.