DEVOUR! AT ZKU. Social Cannibalism, political redefinition and architecture

Discussions & Filmpresentations 25th March 6.30pm, Mini-exhibition open on 26th. and 27th March 2015

Opening Times on 26th and 27th: 1pm-7pm

Artists: Jordi Colomer, Architects duo Muresanu, Matias Machado, Vladimir US, Andrej Mircev, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss with Philip Plowright, Failed Architecture, Patrick Jambon, Arno Brandlhuber + Christopher Roth und Caroline Hobkinson. 

Dramaturgy and moderation: Andrej Mircev

curator: Marta Jecu

Music 8.00 pm: Mietzsche

Departing from the historic relevance of the term anthropophagy, in these talks and presentations at ZKU the focus will stay on recent global phenomena on the former East-West axis. The deficient political assimilation of the consequences that the Iron Curtain left behind in Eastern Europe and the Balkans are under scrutiny in visual presentations of researches', scholars' and architects' work. Local experts explore concrete case studies in which economic factors dictate recent anthropophagic acts, whereas the individual becomes instrumentalised and annihilated by global macro-economic toxic structures that alter his identity. The presentations explore concrete cases in which the disproportions and hypocrisia of political discourse after the fall of communism have potentiated the mutations that communist dictatorships have produced in cities in Romania, Serbia or Kroatia.