CityToolBox- Website Launch

On Saturday, the 13th of May, the launch of the 'CityToolBox' will take place at ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Center for Art and Urbanistics). 

citytoolbox.net is an online-learning platform that encourages citizen-driven actions in the urban landscape, following the “CIY-idea” – Change It Yourself! 

CityToolBox allows future professionals and dedicated citizens to gather practical knowledge for bottom-up activities in the urban field and creates awareness of the communal effort. CityToolBox gives local agents the opportunity to share their own community projects, such as youth festivals, urban walks or community-run markets, offering the chance to exchange tools and guidelines they need to create one themselves.

Launch Event 17:30 - 19:30 Free Entrance!

17:30 Ceremonial presentation of the CityToolBox platform

18:00 Pecha Kucha Presentations of Berlin initiatives presenting different CityToolBox formats:

  • Elisa Dierson and Katja Voigt (Penthaus für schöne Formate) present the concept and experiences from their (semi-open) Risograph workshop in the context of their project 'Penthaus für schöne Formate' (https://www.facebook.com/PenthausRisoPrint/)
  • Vanessa Brazeau and Florian Zeller from Art Spin Berlin presents how to connect a bicycle tour of more than 100 people along art in public space. (http://www.artspin.berlin/)
  • Marco Clausen, co-founder of the Prinzessinnengarten, presents the neighborhood academy and how a gazebo can be produced as a publicly usable commonwealth. (Prinzessinnengarten.net)
  • Gilly Karjevsky's Playful Commons project shows how the city can be critically examined and changed in a playful way. (http://www.playfulcommons.org/)
  • Julia Kloiber from 'Jugend hackt' and the 'Open Knowledge Foundation' shows how young people can change the digital levels of 'public' themselves and adapt them to their needs. (https://juliakloiber.com)

19:30 Dinner and DJ OMG Lu

Dinner with all participants and guests cooked and served by Stadtfrauenküche (http://www.stadtfrauenkueche.de/

Menu: Green asparagus with crispy organic potatoes and hollandaise sauce / Fresh rocket salad with Turnips and Parmesan chips / Dessert: "Eaton Mess" (strawberries, cream quark, meringue)

For a fancy dinner on the terrace, pre-book your dish for 10,- EUR instead of 12,- EUR here: https://goo.gl/V96UMY


...FEVALA Bar open!

...Networking/ Get to know the participants

...Summer-drinks on ZK/U terrasse and the Moabit sunset

For more information on CityToolBox visit: http://www.zku-berlin.org/satellite/citytoolbox/








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Funded by: 'Actors of Urban Change', a program by RBSG in cooperation with MitOst e.V..