for Hosts, Content and Podcast-Like Radio Art // Current deadline is Sunday 12th May – for the coming live broadcast on Saturday 8th June //

ZK/U – Center for Art & Urbanistics Berlin, are listening out for critical, live hosted or adaptable content to be broadcast on the recently launched stream during pop-up events each month.

This Call Out is rolling Current deadline is Sunday – for the coming live broadcast on Saturday 2nd February At present this is a voluntary project WE ARE LISTENING OUT FOR RADIO WORK AROUND THE FOLLOWING THEMES:

1. Protest against the German, European and Global Far-Right: what are the relationships between day to day social interactions, language and racism within a contemporary political re-alignment with Far Right hatred?

2. Maintaining the commons: how can a fragile space such as radio, with little or no physical product, maintain itself within a world of neoliberal destabilisation of health, welfare and identity? What are your experiences of modern work? What is work?   

3. How is radio positioned to cross borders and create communities of horizontal learning? What would a radio workshop sound like? Could it be broadcast live? If you have work or strong ideas that could be adapted to radio around the above themes please get in touch at the contacts below. Work is encouraged in German, Arabic and English but not limited to these languages. Please send samples of audio with a reference or a short outline of your proposal to these addresses:

freddie (at) loose-lips (dot) co (dot) uk
lee.k.fagan (at) gmail (dot) com
alexhead (at) posteo (dot) net