Call for proposals for the artistic installation ‚Green Curtain‘ at Center for Art and Urbanistics

Project ClimART at Center for Art and Urbanistics

Bewerbung bis 30.11.2023

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

Application: until 30.11.2023

Target group: professional artists, collectives, creative landscapers, product designers, construction experts, etc.

Federal state: Berlin

Budget: Total volume up to EUR 15,000 gross (conception and technical realization)

As part of the „ClimART“ project, the Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin (ZK/U) is looking for a contractor to design the visual art installation ‚Green Curtain‘ and realize it together with the ZK/U.
The installation „Green Curtain“ aims to reduce solar radiation and the resulting warming of the interior spaces on the new floor of the ZK/U in a climate-friendly and nature-based way. It aims to provide an innovative solution that optimizes building cooling while highlighting ecological values and promoting interaction between nature and urbanity as well as between plants and people.
This is to be achieved by installing vertical plant modules, either above the ground or on the railing of the roof terrace. The modules should be designed in such a way that they can be moved horizontally.

Ideally, this active shading mechanism should also be sensor-supported, i.e. semi-automatic. Autonomous irrigation of the vegetative elements should also be considered.
The „Green Curtain“ should be perceived as an artistic installation. As a work of art, it is to be visually integrated into the architectural design of the existing and planned elements of the building and the roof. The new façade consists mainly of glass and metal struts, so that the old brickwork behind it is still visible; the elements on the roof will consist mainly of scaffolding components and recycled materials, and the installation has an educational purpose and is intended to illustrate the effects of climate change.
The plants will be cared for by artists who live and work in the ZK/U and by the neighborhood. Edible climbing plants such as beans, hops and vines are to be harvested and processed together at the end of the summer. The installation will focus on strengthening the dialog between plants and people.

We are looking for a contractor to implement the „Green Curtain“ project artistically, conceptually and technically.

This includes:

- the creation of a concept including a construction plan that takes into account the structural possibilities;
- the coordination with our structural engineer, the client of the new part of the building and the designers: the interior of the flat roof to ensure a common language of form, material and aesthetics;
- the integration of interactive elements, as well as ensuring educational aspects (scalability and reproducibility are desired)
- research into climate-neutral and sustainable materials for the installati on participation in public formats of the ZK/U (1x workshop, 1x OPEN HAUS)

Up to 15. 000 EUR gross are available for the project (conception and realization). The technical realization can be part of the offer or implemented by our partners. We recommend inspecting the possible installation areas (forecourt and roof terrace) before submitting a bid. A viewing appointment can be arranged in advance.

Timeframe and application

Application deadline is 30.11.2023.
Project start is mid-December 2023.
Completion is scheduled for 2024.

The following information is requested for the application process:

Description of suitability, references, brief description of the idea, implementation and schedule as well as a rough cost plan.

Please send your application with the subject ‚Climart Green Curtain‘ or any questions regarding the tender to [email protected].

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you on the project!