(c) Grace Euna Kim, 2019

with Grace Euna Kim

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

What is at stake for you in the invisible game of acid fiction?

In our post-truth era, where social fictions and ideologies are hypernormalized before one can even process what is going on, the question of individual agency and accountability is more resonant than ever. We often look to external factors and other people as the culprit of social and political crisis. But what about us, each one of us—how are we unknowingly part of the problem (even as we earnestly strive toward a solution)? And how is this deeply and imperceivably inscribed in the most banal and innocuous intimacies, gestures and repetitions of the body in everyday life?

How would an embodied understanding of psycho-social processes and hegemonies, thus empower strategies toward an emancipatory critique and activism?

These questions are at the heart of Acid Bodies—a series of immersive workshops and performance actions/ interventions that investigate the historicized body and its economies of desire, and de- and re-construct social imaginaries, together with the people themselves.

You will experience a subversive mirror to your own social imaginary, and the questions that this provokes. And while these are serious and critical questions we will unpack—always it will be with optimism, love, play, and adventure.

Each workshop is approached as a unique, durational artwork in itself—one that evolves into a final site-specific action that activates participants in the microcosm of a public body.

The intervention will manifest at the conclusion of Day 2 at a public site in Moabit.

More info HERE (link to the full description)


The 2-day workshop runs from 11—17hr (with 1hr break) on ONE of the following weekends. Please note your preference:

01: SAT 05.10 — SUN 06.10
02: SAT 12.10 — SUN 13.10
03: SAT 19.10 — SUN 20.10
04: SAT 26.10 — SUN 27.10
05: SAT 02.11 — SUN 03.11

*If the weekends do not work for you, alternate dates/times are possible. Inquire at: acidbodies(at)euna-kim.com

PARTICIPANTS: We warmly welcome a broad public of all backgrounds and sensibilities—anyone who is interested in exploring psychic and living, experimental forms of social critique and activism.

COST: Free, Donate as you wish

LANGUAGE: English and some German

LOCATION: ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik. Siemensstraße 27, 10551

REGISTRATION: Limited to 6 participants per workshop. Send an email with a brief background about you and your interest, and your desired dates or session number: acidbodies(at)euna-kim.com



Grace Euna Kim is a New York born Korean-American performance and visual artist, pedagogue, and researcher based in Berlin. She has devised large- and small-scale immersive performances in diverse site-specific contexts—from citywide public interventions; to cultural and educational institutions; to the intimacy of a private home. Drawn from psychoanalytic theories and approaches, her practice engages immersive methods as a means to question, decode, and reinvent the theatre of the audience themselves, and thereby work through embedded social and political issues.

Grace Euna Kim has presented her work in various art and research-oriented contexts, recently including Schauspiel Leipzig (2019), ASCA University of Amsterdam (2019), Frankfurt Lab (2018), Solyanka VPA State Gallery, Moscow (2018), Northwestern University, USA (2018), Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona (2017), Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg (2017), Cité de l’Image, Luxembourg (2016), and Seoul Museum (2016). She holds an MA in Philosophy of Media and Communication, and is currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School (CH).




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