Belgian band We Stood Like Kings accompanies live the Movie "Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis"

«Berlin 1927» is the latest project of Belgian Band We Stood Like Kings. Judith Hoorens, Steven Van Isterdael, Mathieu Waterkeyn and guest musician Colin Delloye will play their composition of a post-rock soundtrack for the film «Berlin : Symphony of a Metropolis».

Referring to the opening scene of the film, which sees a steam-engine racing past the Berlin harbour and the cargo-stations of the city, WSLK will perform their soundtrack in the former cargo hall of the Güterbahnhof (goods station) in Moabit. An interesting juxtaposition of past and present visions of the city. 

From 9pm Heizraum Concert Series #8 (Live Experimantal Music + DJ) will start in ZK/U cellar.

Entrance fee: 5€
Combination-ticket Berlin 1927 + Heizraum #8: 8€
Tickets available at the entrance.

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About the band

Well-established on the Belgian post-rock scene with members from all over the country, We Stood Like Kings stand where instrumental rock meets classical music. Expect complex post-rock with strong progressive influences, entangled melodies and an adventurous mixture of intensity and refinement. From ambient to epic and from moody to bright, We Stood Like Kings’ music is constantly evolving, every new layer beautifully blending into a new unexpected dimension.

Line-up: Judith Hoorens (keys and synths) / Steven Van Isterdael (guitar) / Mathieu Waterkeyn (drums) / Guest: Colin Delloye (bass)


About the film

"How to watch a film like "Berlin: Symphony of a City" ? It offers us a literal ‘day in the life of’, bringing us into Berlin by train as the sun rises, and following the life of the city as it wakes, goes to work through the morning and into the afternoon, moves from work to play, to sport and dancing and drinking deep into the night. It leaps swiftly from rich to poor, from man to machine and back again, from the grandeur of the city-scape to the sewers beneath, and always movement, movement in every way that can be found.

Trains, crowds, spinning wheels and fairground rides, boat races, horse races, dog races, dancing and pounding machines, always we see the dynamism of a city in motion. It is an extraordinarily beautiful film, and its distance from us in time and in experience only emphasises that beauty. Like a carved miniature, it offers us a model of Berlin brought close and intimate, and yet viewed from across an unbridgeable gap." Allan James Thomas