Alexander Granach - Da geht ein Mensch

In the context of the film program "Kino für Moabit"

Documentary, Germany 2012, Directed by Angelika Wittlich, with Juliane Köhler, Samuel Finzi.

Guest: Film director Angelika Wittlich.

"Kino für Moabit" in May - A program curated around the actor Alexander Granach (1893-1945): Born in Galizia (today Ukraine), he managed a career in both the theater and movie industries. In 1933 he fled to the USSR through Poland, where he was arrested. From 1938 onwards he started a career in the United States. His most famous part was in the movie Ninotschka.

Free Entrance

„Kino für Moabit“ is a community and not for profit project. 

Upcoming screening:

Kinocafé Moabit, 10. Mai, 3pm.
"Danton" Germany 1931, Directed by Hans Behrendt, with Fritz Kortner, Gustav Gründgens, Alexander Granach. A passionate commitment to the Republic, with the French Revolution as a backdrop.
Location: Zunftwirtschaft, Arminiusstr. 2

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