15:00 // Solidarity during the challenging historical period


Aimed to reflect the unique experience of nowadays Ukraine, the artist along with participants will address the topics of filtration, occupation, deportation, evacuation, surviving under shelters, and other phenomena that Ukrainians are forced to undergo because of full-scale war. The workshop will be accompanied by the pop up-exhibition of Masha Pronina's recent works series addressing the war and reconstruction of Soviet Union.

Lead by Masha Pronina (artist) +  teenagers from Mariupol


17:00 // Decolonisation and westsplaining

Discussion & Talk

Westsplaining describes a widespread attitude of historical ignorance and a sense of moral and political superiority of Western European audiences towards their Eastern European neighbors.

The region is portrayed as a brutal and uncivilized fringe of Europe

It is a reaction to current threats with a one-sided cultural-historical explanation that ultimately only serves to justify one's own passivity. Some even speak of a war "over" Ukraine, suggesting the negotiability of Ukrainian sovereignty and territory.

A discussion of why demands for a peaceful resolution of the war are all too easy and cheap when one can live in peace oneself.

Speakers: Kateryna Iakovlenko (researcher), Yulia Kryvych (artist), Marcus Heep (journalist)


21:00 // Live music by Olesia Onykiienko from Womens Sound (Dnipro)

AKA, Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, 34117 Kassel 

Since the start of full-scale war Olesia Onykiienko (NFNR) stays in Ukraine and actively helps the defenders of Ukraine, collecting donations and arranging supplies from abroad.

Olesia's practice in her own words: “This war we are going through in Ukraine has already contributed to the blossom of dignity, strength, courage, humanity, sacrifice in the world. Yes, it shows wild cruelty that was impossible to imagine before, but it also shows the indescribable beauty of people.“

Donations for our partners in Dnipro, Mariupol, Kherson and Kharkiv are always welcome.