15:00 // LIVE

Exhibition tour and presentation 

The exhibition documents stories of civilians in Ukraine, who were affected by the war in different ways but stay strong to defend Ukraine and peace. It displays that modern warriors are not only soldiers but also ordinary people, who became extraordinary. 20 Ukrainian artists and photographers took part, 37 stories have been collected. 

“LIVE” is not that much about statistics, as about the human dimension of war and the necessity of saving lives. Ukrainian volunteers, doctors, teachers, journalists, artists and IT-specialists are portrayed. Each story shows how the war has altered their life and divided it into “before” and “after”.

Speaker: Olena Afanasieva, cultural manager and founder of Totem space, Kherson 


17:0000 // He\she\them\it: Identity and freedom

Documentary theater "Expertise"

How much does a Russian rocket fired at a parrot nursery in the Ukrainian village Bashtanka cost? What is its sense? Maybe a political one? Economical? Where should the terror machine, which does not think of the criteria of “Realpolitik”, stop?

Who is the subject of armed resistance in Ukraine? How does war bring history back on stage? We will talk about that in the framework of the shift from "Realpolitik" to politics of values. 

Participants: Larysa Venediktova, Yana Kononova, Diana Berg and others 


18:30 // “Non-traditional orientations” in Mariupol

Film screening & discussion

The history of Platform Tu, a queer art-space in Mariupol and has become the shelter for the neighbourhood when the city was exterminated in 2022, told in 3 videos: Artistic perspective with "Z.mist" movie portraying art residencies, teenagers' perspective with "Sect" film depicting the creative teenagers from vulnerable groups, as well as Russian propaganda perspective featuring a news piece from the 1st channel in Russia about Platform Tu after Russians occupied the art space in Mariupol - claiming its activities with so called “non-traditional orientations”. After the screening there will be a talk about arts at war, freedom of being yourself, and how propaganda can turn anything upside down.

Founders and activists of Platform Tu, Mariupol: Diana Berg, Vira Protskyh, Anastasiya Hrechkina, Iryna Berezneva, Juta Korgun, Masha Pronina