Haus der Materialisierung

A Place of Transformation for Circular Practice in Berlin

ISBN 978-3-945659-27-4
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In the heart of Berlin, not far from Alexanderplatz, a vibrant place with great potential has emerged – the Haus der Materialisierung (HdM). Here, a unique collaboration of people and organizations unfolds, all dedicated to sustainable practices and climate-conscious resource use. Originating as part of “Haus der Statistik” project, implemented since 2018 by five cooperation partners (KOOP5)1 as a Berlin model project for cooperative urban development, the HdM is more than a building: it is a dynamic network of actors and proof that innovation, experimentation, creativity, and ecological responsibility can have a powerful impact when combined.

All participants, whether self-organized freelancers or in supporting partnerships and business models, are driven by a common goal: developing solutions for a sustainable, resource-conscious society. Cycles for used and residual materials, food, everyday items, as well as ideas and visions for a circular society are conceived, tested, and disseminated from the HdM to the world.