Rethink Open-Form

(c) QZ Photo, Marcin Pietrusza

A cooperation between ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin, DE) and MOM - Museum of Housing Estates (Lublin, PL)

Mar 2018 - Oct 2019

“Rethink Open-Form” is a collaboration between ZK/U Berlin and MOM - Museum of Housing Estates Lublin - on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Polish Republic. The first phase of the project was primarily concerned with examining the LSM housing estate in the Polish city of Lublin and Karl-Marx-Allee (2nd section) in Berlin and comparing their status quo. The second part of the project deals with Oskar Hansen's theory of the Open Form. Rather than focusing on Oskar Hansen's architectural heritage, the aim of the project is to pursue Hansen's ideas and methods - his Open-Form theory - in different disciplines. The results of the project will be presented 25–27 October 2019 in the pavilion Werkstatt Haus der Statistik. The pavilion will become a multimodular laboratory that changes its function from day to day between cinema, conference room, radio station and play corner. The residents of the Karl-Marx-Allee as well as experts from the fields of architectural history, sociology, IT and sound engineering will thus be offered a common platform for exchange.


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