Construction Explained _ Urban Stage

(c) Elisa Georgi, 2022

A scaled-down version of the future roof terrace on the forecourt of ZK/U Berlin.

2021 - 2023

ZK/U Berlin is going through a phase of transformation.

As part of energy-saving measures, an extensive expansion of the Centre for Art and Urbanism (ZK/U) is taking place. The newly created location will provide space for artistic experiments, neighborhood projects and events.
The eye-catcher and laboratory centerpiece of the ZK/U future vision is an 'Urban Stage' visible from afar on the new roof terrace.
To open the process of transformation to future users and invite opportunity for discussion, the ZK/U is installing a scaled-down version of the roof terrace on the yard in front of the building - the 'Construction Explained'. 

This infrastructure, made of containers and scaffolding and equipped with event technology, is the temporary spatial center for co-produced test formats, workshops, and projects. It fills the process of transformation with life. Unlike a building sign, which uses idealized photo montages to hide the sometimes-difficult reality, the 'BauSchilderung' attempts to draw an open-ended picture of the future based on lived projects and events.

What can be expected:

- ZK/U formats - rethought and newly developed

- Climate Art Lab: creative and transdisciplinary research into a climate-resilient future for the Urban Garden Moabit

- MoaBees: beehives will be at home on the top floor

- Artistic actions by ZK/U residents

- Encounter formats with the Moabit neighborhood

- Meeting space of other Urbane Praxis Campuses


Design and Production:

‘BauSchilderung’ was part of the Urbane Praxis initiative (campus facility) 2021.


The initiative Urbane Praxis was funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe within the framework of DRAUSSENSTADT in 2021.