Yonatan Kunda


Yonatan Kunda - Poet, Rapper, Playwright, and Teacher
A pioneer of Spoken-word poetry in Israel.
Founding member of several Hip-Hop bands, including renown Arabic-Hebrew-Russian Rap ensemble “System Ali”, as well as duo “Kunda&Laor” and “AncientFuture” - which mix Traditional Jewish music with Spokenword poetry, and in 2023 is due to release debut solo album.
Published 3 award-winning poetry books and several original plays for theatre. His latest solo performance “Kum, Yonah!” is a spoken-word rendition of the Biblical story of Jonah the Prophet to the modern-day reality.
Performs poetry in Hebrew, Arabic and English in venues and festivals throughout the country and abroad. His poetry has been translated into Arabic, English, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Greek.
Teaches poetry, spoken-word and Jewish scripture in diverse communities throughout the country and abroad – and leader of several bi-lingual Hebrew-Arabic poetry programs for Palestinian and Israeli youth. He lives and works in Kiryat-Tivon, married to Talila and father of Emanuel and Elisha.