Viv Qiu

(United States)

Viv Qiu is an artist & art organizer based in the Bay Area, co-parented by Chinese immigrants and the internet. They are a zealot for the sentimental, the speculative, and the absurd. Seeking palliatives for the passage of time, they draw from their work as a researcher, curator, and creative technologist to complicate the shape of memory and the ways it is revisited.
Their focus lies in projects that center access and archival. Compelled by nostalgia, their work plays with the technological, aesthetic, philosophical notions of remembering and forgetting. Working with new and old media, they interrogate concerns around permanence, rigor, and subsumption relevant to culture work.
Currently, they split their time between collecting digital trash, tattooing, training as a death doula, and running Output Field (an art organization gathering a database of people, collectives, & projects in experimental arts & research).