Teng Chao-Ming


TENG Chao-Ming uses different media including photographs, video, installation, graphic design and computer softwares to address debates around structure versus agency, nature versus culture, networks and unknowability. He is interested in how human interact with other actors including ideologies, structures, family values, histories, memories, media, etc., and what emerges out of these interactions.

TENG graduated from the School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in 2007. He lived in the US until 2012, and then moved back to Taipei, where he now lives and works. His recent shows include Queens International: Three Points Make a Triangle, Queens Museum, New York, 2011, Modern Monster: The Death and Life of Fiction, Taipei Biennial, Taipei, 2012, little water, Dojima River Biennial, Osaka, 2013, and The Romance of NG, TKG+ Gallery, Taipei, 2013.