Stina Baudin

Stina Baudin (she/her) is an emerging Haitian-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. She has studied both at Concordia University in Montreal and The Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Using her own idiosyncratic visual language of pattern and relationships, Baudin’s large-scale, hand-woven fiber works create a counter-patriarchal, anti-capitalist and anticolonial way of narrating meaning from data. By collapsing the division between anecdotal and statistical data, her work removes the hierarchical distinctions between the scientific and the personal. They then start to operate as an entangled web of cohabiting knowledge centers - the scientific data indivisible from other knowledge forms that are affective and embodied. It’s important to note that her weavings are not merely data visualization. Instead they are an interpretative recontextualisation of the datascape as a way to speak beyond binaries, a way to fashion a subversive lexicon that is haptic and relational rather than representational. She has participated in national and international art residencies and exhibitions including Banff Center for the Arts Creativity (CA), and Pocoapoco in Mexico. In 2022, she completed an arts fellowship at Wildseed Center for Art & Activism, a project that hopes to build an enduring space that could cultivate the most transformative and radical ideas from Canada’s diverse Black communities and beyond.