Sébastien Mazauric


"Concrete is abstract made familiar by use". Paul Langevin.

Within only a few decades, the urban matter has been incorporating the old binome city/countryside and now poses as the diffuse megastructure we are living in. Its materiality is expanding so fast that we can see our built environment growing before our eyes for the first time. This form in motion seems to have set itself free to become an autonomous mutating organism.

My work feeds from the spasms of this écoumène-Leviathan, it is a scattered production where parts echoe to one another, transform and recompose through experiences such as exhibitions, wild interventions or workshops. Drawings, foldings, sorted pictures and «combinations», videos and installations aim at compiling an impossible urban archive.

From this game of interactions emerges a reflection about reality as a form and about the beautiful absurdity of our phantasies.

My work aims at mitigating the Bergsonian veil that puts us at a distance from the world, it wills to take downwards Langevin's sentence and to bring back the urban realm to an initial abstraction. The viewer is invited to lay fascinated eyes on his built environment like the first men once did on the early nature.

"Since these mysteries are beyond me, let's pretend to be their organizer". Jean Cocteau.

Sebastien Mazauric, Plastic artist

Associate professor of town planning theory, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Toulouse.