Mike Mavura

(South Africa)

Mike Mavura is cultural producer and teacher whose work combines indigenous knowledge, social science research methods and art to think through civics, spaces and design. He was part of the team behind the Stellenbosch Triennale 2020 ‘Tomorrow There Will Be More of Us’  whose ethos was to use art as a course correction and open up Stellenbosch as a laboratory to think through common intersectional futures, geographical aesthetics, space, wounds and healing in post-apartheid South Africa. Mike's projects cover a spectrum of work; from curatorial projects to experiments with emerging third spaces and teaching beyond the classroom and they are often design experiments across knowledge production and distribution, civic activism, social engagement, soft power and material and cultural exchanges within the loose matrix of identities, borders and orders. He is currently experimenting on a model of a project space in Uzumba, Zimbabwe.

Mike Mavura is a participant of the TURN2 Residencies’ programme.