Melanie Garland


Painter, former student of the University of Chile, she lives and works in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile. She has exhibited individually and collectively among others, "Live Art" Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago Chile (2009), "Content Area", Contemporary Museum of Chile (2010), "Bodies Pictured" Cultural Center “Mapocho station”, Chile (2011), "Spinning Stories" Gallery BECH state Bank of Chile (2011), "Community Concrete" Matucana 100, Chile (2011), "Workshop Dittborn" D21 Gallery, Chile (2012) and the permanent exhibition the Showcase Gallery, Cultural Center “La Moneda”, Chile (2013). This year she has been invited to join the staff of young artists at the Venice Biennale, Italy 2015, representing Chile. Melanie Garland has received three FONDART collectively; national fund of culture and arts of Chile, years 2009-2010 and 2011.

Melanie Garland's work consists in building a reflexion about the process of the development and formation of the artistic work, understanding it as an evolutionary process, where the intention is the research, the experiments and mistakes, the constant movement, shaping a logic of "something" indeterminate.