Mateja Rot


I strive for knowledge, artistic and curatorial experience that encourages creativity, self-realization and bravery of individuals to implement a unique idea in particular social, artistic and natural setting. From my experience of working as an artist and curator in the field of social and cultural innovation and collisions of contemporary art and science I can add that we do need fresh ideas, but we also need innovative solutions that address real community needs. We have to work from and for the communities and this is the guidance I follow in my work and practice. In my interdisciplinary artistic research practice I combine extensive research of an artistic situation I find myself in. I would like to continue with searching, managing and realizing great ideas in global contemporary art environment. Iʼm looking forward to interdisciplinary cooperation and creation of active art & technology networks within this residency. I always try to use my knowledge and experience gained in further transnational networking by connecting scientific, technological, cultural and social areas of expertise. In my work and life I'm an advocate of user related solutions which enable effective, environmentally friendly living.