Lydia Karagiannaki

Lydia Karagiannaki (1990, Athens) is a Brussels-based architect and urban researcher with an interest in architectural production, consumption and pedagogy. In her work she explores spatial mechanisms of identity (re)construction and (re)presentation, structures of memory and structures of support, the overlapping of the personal and the political, the performativity of the body as a tool for subjectification, the possibility to practice a fictional archaeology of past, present and future …

Lydia holds a BA from TU Berlin and a MA from KU Leuven/Sint Lucas Brussels, and she has collaborated in various editorial, curatorial and socio-cultural projects. She is currently an artist-in- residency at de Koer in Gent, and the initiator of Publieke_Salon_Public, a community project in Saint Josse, Brussels.