Kathia von Roth


Kathia von Roth is a travelling artist and activist. In 2019 she is working as a lecturer for responsible design and game design at University of applied Science Hamburg, University of Wuppertal and Hochschule fur Gestaltung Offenbach and touring to festivals and conferences like Rhizom Festival Zurich, AUAWIRLEBEN Festival Bern and Chaos Communication Camp. Kathia von Roth is a self-claimed expert for interrelations and activating environments - may it be in the dimensions of space, language, virtual space or social structure,she is creating temporary utopian zones and empowering experience realms. She is mainly working with The Game Parlour, a collective she co-founded in 2015 together with Miko Hucko, Torben Spieker and Sarah Klöfer.