Kaja Pogačar


Kaja Pogacar is an architect by profession (graduated at the Faculty of architecture at Technical University Graz, Austria in 2000). She also finished PhD studies at the same faculty in 2008. She is employed as assistant professor at the Faculty for civil engineering, transportation engineering and architecture at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Her fields of work consist of Scientific Research (researching new tools and methods to urban development, especially unused spaces in the cities but also streets and their urban transformations), Community Projects (e.g.: participatory renewal of Maribor courtyards since 2010; cross-sectoral and participatory urban development of Koroska street in Maribor - the pilot program of Robert Bosch Foundation – Actors of urban Change, 2013-2015; development of the nanotouristic agency Rajzefiber – BIO 25, partner at the project CityToolBox – Erasmus+ partnership for youth…), Architecture (e.g.: design and planning of several private houses, kindergartens, business buildings, interiors...) and Pedagogy (e.g.: teaching more than 5 different university courses such as Method and techniques of spatial research, Architectural visualisation, Interior design…; organising exhibitions and different workshops with students such as up-cycling interiors, chair design workshops, spatial research workshops…).