Johna Hansen


Johna Hansen (b. 1982 in Linkoping, Sweden) is a Swedish artist living and working in Copenhagen. With a master from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The School of Architecture, she works in the grey zone between architecture and art. A key aspect of her work is the social and spatial matters of architecture with a methodical focus on her own body and mind as a starting point of investigation. Her work is mainly in the field of installation, object and performance:

"I am an artist working in the field of architecture with an architectural background. I could also write that I am an architect working with architecture through art. I dwell on things we take for granted in the everyday. I like to dissect them and to categorise their components. My main interest is the relationship between space, material and body, outlined by the social relationships created.

In my work I try to distant myself from myself in order to map behaviour. I elaborate on the relationship between body, mind, material and space in a society. A body's surrendering to expectations. I try to substantiate the non-surrendering, the normative defeat, and to experiment with the role of the body, as well as the role of the mind, to divid them and unit them".