Helen King

(United Kingdom)

Helen King has conceived the following term to define her practice: 

A person carrying out research through the practice of combined consideration and contemplation of the urban architectural environment, paired with artistic creation.
The Art-chitect exists independently of the realm of architectural design practice and therefore is free to explore the social concerns of site, location and place through the process of making within an artistic context.

She affirms: "I am an Art-chitect".

Her current work aims to engage the public to think about their situation, the space they live in and the public framework they populate.
She creates artworks through printmaking, collage, video work and installations. However, this practice is combined with a body of philosophical research into ‘the city’, allowing the outcomes to become devices to engage the audience in conversation. By utilising the power of subversion to fuel discourse, she believes the artist must be present in the exhibition space to facilitate, moderate and document these discussions.