Grethe Winther-Svendsen


Grethe Winther-Svendsen is a visual artist based in the Lofoten islands. She got her diploma at the National College of the Arts and Crafts in Oslo in 1979, and has worked in her own studio ever since.
She has been active on the art scene both through her own art practice and working for the artist association, also participating in the establishing of Lofoten International Art Festival. Her engagement for the young included working with starting Nordland Art and Film College in Kabelvåg, where she also taught for a while.
She mainly works with ceramics and sculpture, but also drawing and print-making. Several public buildings feature monumental art by Winther-Svendsen, and she has taken part in numerous national and international projects and symposies. She has  had many individual exhibits and the works are purchased by Norsk Kulturråd and Nordnorsk kunstmuseum.
Her teaching practice includes all ages, and she cooperates with her colleague Vebjørg Hagene Thoe in the group ”LOFOTEN LADIES”, where they develop projects for children and adolecents. Touring the country with projects and lectures, they received research support from The National Council of Arts.
Grethe Winther-Svendsen shows her last works in a national travelling exhibition «SKILLS»  which opens in October in Nordnorsk kunstnersenter  in Svolvær.
 Currently she works with a new individual show, also developing the sculpture project  «Song of pain -embrace me.»