Grace Euna Kim

Grace Euna Kim is a New York born Korean-American performance and visual artist, pedagogue, and researcher based in Berlin. She has devised large- and small-scale immersive performances in diverse site-speci­fic contexts—from citywide public interventions; to cultural and educational institutions; to the intimacy of a private home. Drawn from psychoanalytic theories and approaches, her practice engages immersive methods as a means to question, decode, and reinvent the theatre of the audience themselves, and thereby work through embedded social and political issues.

Grace Euna Kim has presented her work in various art and research-oriented contexts, recently including Schauspiel Leipzig (2019), ASCA University of Amsterdam (2019), Frankfurt Lab (2018), Solyanka VPA State Gallery, Moscow (2018), Northwestern University, USA (2018), Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona (2017), Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg (2017), Cité de l’Image, Luxembourg (2016), and Seoul Museum (2016). She holds an MA in Philosophy of Media and Communication, and is currently a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought, under the supervision of Alenka Zupanćić at the European Graduate School (CH).