Folakunle Oshun


I am Osh, an Artist-Curator from Lagos, Nigeria. My journey is one of paradoxes, coincidences, and uncertanties. In the last two years, I have focused on the development of emerging artists by challenging their creative process and psych. This has involved a huge amount of collaborative work with the artists; both in the conceptualization and creation of their work. These adventures have led me to work with a vast number artists who employ mediums other than those I am familiar with. Hence, I have been able to create a pattern of engagement with these artists that begins with a tedious research and dialogue process. Owing to my background as a visual artist, I am able to adapt to the different mediums and materials the artist choose to explore. This process has been rewarding as I find that younger artists are more open to new ideas, processes, and experimentations. We find ourselves in an environment and economy where we constantly have to improvise and find alternatives in terms of our materiality and process.