Emily Thomas

(United Kingdom)

Emily Thomas is an emerging visual artist and woodworker based in Berlin. After initially focusing on painting, she now works primarily in sculpture. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Arts London in 2018, the British-born artist has already been able to realise her first projects at renowned locations such as Soulangh Cultural Park in Taiwan, La Escocesa in Barcelona and GlogauAIR in Berlin. Her practice has been supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds, the European Cultural Foundation and the Arts Council England.

In her work, Emily deals with the themes of architecture, gentrification and urbanisation. In doing so, she first examines the structural form, materiality and colour of buildings to gain insight into the history, society and culture of a particular place. She documents her observations by photographing the architecture. She also conducts academic and social research to inform, contextualise and confirm her impressions.  Taking into account her practical and theoretical research, Emily selects the most meaningful photographs to create collages and inspire drawings. In this way, she is able to study her images further, thereby setting conceptual ideas and sculptural designs in motion.


(c) Bert Spangemacher