Emanuele Meschini


My practice is based on the research of possible ways of art in the social field, using art as a tool for real change in society. I am for the "art application" in the social, I am not for the object neither for the exhibition and I prefer to work in a symbiotic way the artists. As an independent art operator I collaborate with many galleries in Rome especially with the Center for Contemporary Art Research Luigi Di Sarro.Since 2012 I have been collaborating with Upper Lab (Bergamo, Italy), an independent platform for contemporary art. In september 2013 I won a scholarship for research abroad granted by University of Rome La Sapienza. My research project in collaboration with the department of Art History of Freie Universitat Berlin, was based on

six months research about the activism in the artistic practice and the reuse of abandoned places for social/artistic activities. I collaborate with differents art magazines and on line art journals: Luxflux, Artribune, Art a part, Calliope,


Thanks to Paolo Baraldi and Yasmin Fedda for the images.