Diana Rangel


Based in Caracas

Diana´s art practice is focused on the relationship between art, pedagogy and education.

She has worked in creative arts education in a variety of roles, organizations, across levels and subjects. She founded Círculos de Cultura with the aim of preventing violence with the creation of Freire´s Culture Circles: spaces to use art  for reflective critics about what concerns us in order to recodify what is obvious to us. Along with Maria Bilbao she co-founded nodoCCS an experimental platform for the arts, based in Caracas, Venezuela, it hosts artists from different disciplines, including photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and new media specially supporting projects that promote dialogue and collaboration between artists and their works.

Her projects utilize participation as a dialectic tool in visual arts practice. Based on that premise, her practice ends up being a constant relationship with the other, understanding the other not as just a human being but also anything outside the inner self.

Authorship plays a different role when participation is part of the game, therefore she responds to specific situations and spaces, exploring through words and images as subjective constructions of reality.

Her work has been published and exhibited in New York, Caracas and Brazil. |