Alice Pedroletti


(c) Mario Zanaria, 2021

Alice Pedroletti. Lives and works in Berlin and Milan. 

As an artist-researcher, Alice investigates the meaning of archiving as an art practice focusing on identity and memory. Her projects range from architecture to urban planning, from geography to geopolitics. She questions the image's significance through a physical relationship between photography and sculpture concerning temporality, fragility, and matrix in both disciplines. Her work mixes reality with digital, imaginative and utopian projects and future-oriented archives. She explores the cognitive autonomy of thought in machine learning systems by using small conceptual datasets that she collects, cleans, and reorganises by hand, focusing on the perception of colour, the visual association of form, human instinct and emotions. 

As an artist-curator, Alice founded ATRII Collective and its Open Archive for the future hosted inside Cittadella degli Archivi (the official Archive of the City of Milan). Together with Mi.Ma - Milano Metropolitan Archives - currently under construction - Cittadella will constitute the largest central archive facility in Europe. She is a fellow at Rabbit Island and TSOEG Temporal School of Experimental Geography: artist networks focusing on ethical and experimental art practices concerning the environment.

She won the Italian Council 9 international project promoted by the Directorate-General for  Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture supporting Italian research, talents and excellence in the arts.