Newsflash 3 // May 2020



On 7 May 2020, ZK/U Berlin is debuting its very first DIGITAL OPENHAUS!

The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every other month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with its hosted projects and to explore the process of our residency programme. 

This time around, rather than welcoming visitors in Berlin-Moabit, ZK/U is opening its virtual doors to the quarantined crowds interested in art and urbanistics in times of social distancing. Within the framework of our very first DIGITAL OPENHAUS, 13 current and past residents will present their ongoing projects as well as reflect on the explosive changes social distancing brought into the art scene, their work and their daily lives in the residency. 

The DIGITAL OPENHAUS will take place from 7 May until 19 May on our different virtual platforms:

Check out our DIGITAL OPENHAUS website /// 
On 7 May, we are launching our DIGITAL OPENHAUS website, with a diverse collection of projects for you to explore. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels ///
Every day, one of our fellows will take over ZK/U social media. Join us on Instagram and learn more about different practices, from curatorial research to sculpture and from photography to sound design. 

OPENHAUS going digital not only allows you to merely tune in, but also opens up entirely new ways for you to get in touch with ZK/U residents and to participate in our digital storytelling. 

Save the date and connect with the ZK/U community!

Full program here:
Facebook event
Website event

MagiC Carpets

Update 2

"Everything is connected."

States Melissa Rodrigues in her latest artist in residence update encompassing inconsistencies of resistance, oppression and time in her poetry while seeing the next crisis and its weight encroaching on lives already marked by racial, gender and social inequality. 

Ki Hyun Park is mocking video tutorials on improving one's body suggesting an individualistic approach to cure these inequalities leaving out the necessities of collective bodies. It raises questions around how to have conservations together and create collective actions to fight off the parasite structures of institutionalized racism, sexism, patriarchy and classism in our social and political organisms in daily life. 

In her role as a double agent, emerging curator of this project and team member of ZK/U, Lotta Schäfer is having conversations and learnings with the team as part of a ongoing long term process around the inclusivity of ZK/U’s organisation, its structures and contexts. In our own calendar and geography we ask questions as we walk hoping to find appropriate answers for the contexts and realities we encounter and create. 

Stay updated for input from our invited artists during DIGITAL OPENHAUS from May 7th till May 19th, 2020 on our social media channels. Specifically, Melissa Rodrigues will be featured on Instagram on May 18th, 2020, while Ki Hyun Park will take the stage on May 17th, 2020.

Keep learning in the meantime for instance the The Funambulist Podcast bringing you voices and practices of decolonization from all over everyday. (Episode #11Imagining New Worlds with the Zapatistas) 


Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Rethinking Open-Form

New blog website online!

Rethinking Open-Form is an ongoing collaborative research tackling socio-political transformations around housing-estates built in East Europe between ‘60 and ‘80 that now has a new blog website featuring the results of the project, including the workshops held last summer.

Triggered by the comparison analysis between 2nd section of Karl Marx Allee (East-Berlin) and Słowacki Housing Estate (Lublin, Poland), the project continues to look at the archaeology of modernist housing from the perspectives of urban anthropology, political education, visual/cultural studies and real-estate development. By using and further interpreting the theory of Open-Form, coined by the architect and pedagogists Oskar Hansen, this research looks at the multilayered micro-histories, invisible traces of resistance, localized cultural practices and contestations over the possible futures. 

A project by ZK/U Berlin in cooperation with MoM (Muzeum Osiedli Mieszkaniowych) Lublin, Poland


Project Director: Matthias Einhoff
Artistic direction: Miodrag Kuč
Curated by: Olesia Vitiuk (Berlin) and Paulina Paga (Lublin)

More info: