Traneing In #1

Jazz Sessions at ZK/U

Traneing In is a new musical rollercoaster-ride through the infinite space called jazz.

Happening every 2-weeks in the dungeon of the ZK/U, Traneing In has invited musicians to play opening sets and experiment with arragements, followed by an open stage for other musicians. 

The very first set is going to be presented by Tina Jäckel (git.) and her quartet on the coming Thursday, 22nd of August, at 9.30 pm.

Be there or be square!


Birgitta Flick (sax.) www.birgittaflick.com
Tina Jäckel (git.)
Andreas Lang (bass) www.myspace.com/andreaslang
Roland Schneider (drums)

The session has been made possible by support from QM OST Moabit.