The Flags of Solidarity

an installation by ZIP Group at Urbane Bühne


After February 24 2022, when Russia unleashed the full-scale war of aggression in sovereign Ukraine, it became impossible for us to stay and continue working in Krasnodar. Typography CCA, for which ZIP Group and the center’s team dedicated a lot of effort in the course of ten years, was labeled a ‘foreign agent’ by the state authorities. From that moment on, we became a shattered nomadic self-organization relying on collectivity and intangible connections.

For the first months in exile, we settled in Yerevan, Armenia. Though, gradually everyone went in different directions: part of the Typography CCA is currently in Berlin, some colleagues moved to Cologne, and some remained in Armenia. We have been displaced from our native context, but we keep on coming up with new ways of maintaining ties with it. 
Watching stray animals and birds in these three cities, we found strategies for adaptation. This is what we wanted to depict in these images. Dogs from Armenia became free nomadic urban agents, and parrots symbolize collectivity and active work. Integrated into ZK/U architectural design, the flags reflect on urban space and living in its challenging conditions. For us, they turn into images of solidarity and overcoming difficulties.

The dog you see lives in Dilijan. He appears dreadful and battered, in fact, is full of energy, determined to enjoy his life. This dog is cheerful and socializes gladly, despite being sick and cold. The parrots are from Cologne, which for them is far from a natural habitat. However, birds are swift, loud, and unrestrained in this new environment. They bring a sense of confidence in the community.

We invite you to take an act of solidarity with Ukraine and support its effort in winning the war. Please, consider donating to the trustworthy civic organizations and initiatives listed below:

Heat for the Ukrainian hospitals

Christmas Crowdfunding by Dekabristen

Get in touch with us if you donate to any of the abovementioned initiatives. Send a message to [email protected], and we will prepare a special gift for you on January 26, at the ZK/U OPENHAUS.